Hale Pu'uhonua, LLC

Do you offer respite services? Yes, occasionally, we will have a new resident who isn't able to move in immediately. In these cases, we can offer brief respite services. Minimum stay is two weeks with a minimum charge of $150/day.

What documentation is required prior to admission?  We will provide you with all required admission paperwork. 
Do you allow pets?  Pets may visit, but they cannot stay at the facility.  We currently have a therapy dog
who visits several days each week.

$4,500/month or more?! I would have to sell my house to pay for this!!   Yes, you might. Many people do.  Check with your life insurance carrier about "accelerated death benefits"; in some cases a portion of your policy can be used to cover long term care expenses.

​​​​Do you take Medicare? Medicaid?  Medicare will only (sometimes) pay for up to 100 days of long term care in places such as Life Care Center. Medicaid does pay for long term care. Unfortunately, the maximum rate Medicaid will reimburse a care home is a little over $3.00/hour, so we do not cannot afford to accept Medicaid. 

$4,500/month sounds awfully expensive. Why so much?  If you think $4,500/month is expensive, you are in for an unpleasant surprise should you inquire about pricing at the large facilities in Hilo. $4,500/month works out to $6.16/hour.  You are to be commended if you can find a way to feed, shelter, supervise & provide needed physical assistance for your loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for less than $6.16/hour.  And bear in mind $4,500/month is for a resident who needs minimal assistance. Our average resident pays between $5,000 & 6,000/month since they have behavioral issues and/or memory impairment and typically need some ​assistance with ADLs. Even at $6,000/month, this is ~60% less than you would pay for a nursing home in Hilo.

What is your fee structure?  For ambulatory, non-demented residents needing minimal supervision and care, our monthly fee starts @ $4,500. Rates are higher for residents requiring special diets, behavioral/dementia care, incontinence care, assistance with ADLs, etc.  There are no buy-ins or deposits.

What types of activities & amenities do you offer?  Prior to admission we will discuss with the resident and their families the activity preferences of the resident.  We take our residents to Nani Mau Gardens, 'Imiloa, picnics at the ocean, the zoo, religious services, shopping trips, etc. We offer cable television, radio, two outdoor recreation areas, a computer with broadband internet, board games, strength and flexibility exercises & physical therapy sessions.


How far is Hale Pu'uhonua from Hilo? I live in Hilo and upper Puna is soooo far away (typically said with a whiny voice & a note of disdain): For those of you who are "Hilo-centric" and never travel farther south than Puainako Center: Be realistic when you consider our location. Unless you're planning to visit your loved one several times each week (which rarely happens), how inconvenient is it to drive ~20 minutes to upper Puna? We are located approximately 10 miles south of Hilo in the Hawaiian Paradise Park subdivision. We have sunnier weather than Hilo, too!
Why should I choose Hale Pu'uhonua over other facilities?  With a maximum of five residents, our staff is able to develop a close relationship with each resident.  Knowing each resident’s preferences allows us to provide a higher, more personalized level of care compared to larger facilities. Having familiar faces around can be much less stressful for those residents with dementia.  Additionally, all of our bedrooms, and most of our bathrooms, are private. Most facilities in this area can't make this claim.
NO DUMPING ALLOWED!!! Unfortunately, we have had several families who, prior to the admission of their family member, seemed very involved and concerned. Once their family member was admitted, these families evaporated, rarely calling or visiting. If this is your plan, please find another facility. If we feel you are chronically neglecting your family member, we will discharge them. Dementia clients are generally not the happiest people to begin with, and feeling abandoned by their families only increases their unhappiness.

Is there a contract? A buy-in fee?  There is no contract and there are no buy-in fees or deposits of any sort. If you decide to end your stay, a written two weeks’ notice is all that is required.
Can you care for people with a catheter, a feeding tube, dementia, etc?  Admission of residents with special care needs is on a case-by-case basis.  We are certified to provide many of the same skilled nursing services that are offered at traditional nursing homes.